April 25, 2008

The Looming Jihad

As time passes by, the Christian world is coming closer to the final dangers of jihadist terrorism and its planed outcomes. What about Christianity in Ethiopia and now in Eritrea?
The Ethiopian government has no idea what is cooking behind its filthy politics. Erirea? It is a country whos leadership is predominantely Christian-turned-communist-atheists-now dismanteling-Christianity and doing the clearing job for the coming Islamic government there. What shame!!!
As a scholar in the filed is clarifying, the west and its intelegentia are still ignorant of the looming danger of Islam. Here is a wonderful interview and documentary entitled "Hamas VS Jews, Christians" and Jihad USA: Confronting the Threat of Homegrown Terror (Part 1-4) respectively worth viewing. Please try to grasp the gist. As the title is misleading, it is not about Hamas. It is generally about Jihad and its dangers.
Cher Were Yaseman, amen.

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