April 19, 2008

“Hosanna” ሆሳዕና - “Save us” / አድነን

The seventh Sunday in the Great Lent is known as “Hosanna Sunday” or “Palm Sunday”. The word “Hosanna” is Greek and is derived from the Hebrew word “Ho-sha-a-nan” which means “Save us”.
It is the word that the Jewish multitude said in welcoming Our Lord Jesus Christ as King during His entry to Jerusalem. The word “Palm” came from the way the multitude welcomed Our Lord by using palm and olive branches. From here came the naming of this Sunday as Palm Sunday.
ARTICLES in Amharic:

1. HOSANNA by Archbishop Abune Gabriel: READ HERE.
2. HOSANNA by Mahibere Kidusan: READ HERE

After Hoassa comes the Holy Week of Semune Himmammat. Here you have Treasure Map of the Week. Click on the picture to enlarge.

Melkam Yeteqedese Sament Yehun, Amen.

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