March 6, 2008

The Mystery Of the term (in Islam) "Pbuh" Unveiled

This is excerpted from an article
"Islam Unveiled" posted on

"This cryptic word is accepted by Muslims as an abbreviation for “peace be upon him.” It is respectfully spoken as well as written after repeating the name of Muhammad. Although it is supposed to be the rendering of an Arabic phrase, it is actually not a true translation--only half of it is. The Arabic phrase is Salla-llahu’ alayhi wassalam. It occurs in the Qur'anic text and literally read, “Lo Allah and His angels pray upon the prophet. Oh yea who believe, pray on him and salute him with peace.”

One is utterly confounded when the literal and real translation is understood. Why do our Muslim friends hide the true meaning of pbuh? It is because the Arabic statement is embarrassing since it contradicts Muslim doctrine?
How is Allah supposed to pray to Muhammad and greet Him or anyone else for that matter? Does Allah pray? And if He does, to whom does He pray? Is this passage not contrary to Muslim theology, which teaches that Allah is prayed to but He never prays to anyone else? Or does Allah really pray to other human beings or only to Muhammad, Allah’s own prophet? The confusion of this popular Islamic expression leaves one perplexed and hanging in the air."

PLease Read this very interesting article entitled "Islam Unveiled".

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