March 18, 2008

Ethiopia: Church Exhibition More Than Successfull - Organizers

The Daily Monitor (Addis Ababa)

18 March 2008
Posted to the web 18 March 2008

Fikremariam Tesfaye
Addis Ababa

A Grand Millennium Exhibition showing the deeds of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church over the past two millenniums concluded on Sunday with success, organizers said at the closing ceremony at the Exhibition where it was on show for the past two weeks.

The organizers said the exhibition met its desired objectives given the number of visitors who showed great interest in the history of the church- its achievements in evangelical, economical, social, artistic, legal, administrative, ecological, tourism and other spheres of activities.

Well over 50 thousand people of different religious faiths visited the 10 day-exhibition which had to be extended for another five days, to allow more people get the chance, Priest Dn.Mulugeta Seyoum, Chairperson of the Mahibere Kidusan Millennium Committee which organized the exhibition on behalf of the church said at the closing ceremony.

The exhibition highlighted the Churches contribution and direct role in the country's over all development endeavors.

The exhibition also showed the relationship between the church and state institutions, the church's place in Development and social justice, and the church's Administrative structure with parish councils and Sunday schools in focus.

Dn. Mulugeta Hailemariam said that by demonstrating the past, present-and the future-during which the church prevailed after many ups and downs, the exhibition aimed to inject citizens' sense of responsibility.

He said the committee plans to organize similar exhibition in the regions of the country, including foreign countries-South Africa(in Johannesburg) and neighbor in Kenya (in Nairobi) with a view to extend the church's mission thereby allowing more and more people benefit out of the historic event.

Government ministers, ambassadors and head of missions of sates and governments, members of the international community, higher governmental officials, the patriarch and holy fathers attended the closing ceremony.

Mahibere Kidusan has been preparing various exhibitions since 1996 both in the country and abroad under the broad theme of Ethiopian Church Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

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