March 5, 2008

‹‹ዕቀብ ሕዝባ ወሠራዊታ ለሀገሪትን ኢትዮጵያ››

I read this article few days ago. Adwa is not only a victory of Ethiopians more over the entire African continent, but it has been a revelation of the Christian Ethiopia .A Revelation that God has performed .A response for the great faith of Ethiopians. When we look back to our history Ethiopian kings, highest, Soldiers and people prayed in front of God for victory as one United Nation .Because they believed that God has to lead them in their every step. It was in every individual heart and soul that a leader, from Patriarch, kings to Grazemach are anointed by God. As a result success and victory was achieved. They had the deepest believe that the Lord of the Israelites will lead them and protect them. They carried the Arc of the Covenant to the battle field and when exiled from their country just like the Isrealites. Adwa’s miraculous victory was witnessed by non Ethiopians (Italians); the whole world for that matter. They saw him, the Patron Saint, in his white horse galloping on the grounds of Adwa. This The win in Adwa says: Ethiopia is land of God (Hagre EgeziAbehaer ) ,its says Ethiopia victory is through GOD with in the belief that is Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity. Sometimes it is beyond our imagination especially for us living in this chaotic time .In this regretful era of betraying political leaders and dissension in views of church fathers might tend us to forget how Thy Lord’s ears are open to our prayers, how close God is the Tewahedo church. Our fore fathers has given us a prayer discipline to pray for the poor ,those in sickness, the holy, the clergy ,the faithful, the weak ,our country and the soldiers. The soldiers that St. George will help as he did ,the soldiers that protects the country so why don’t we hear that prayer any more? Especially those of us a broad has our greedy selfish pride hold us from saying ‘Ekeb hizba weserawita lehageriten Ethiopia’?

YeIesrael Amelak Ethiopain Yetebeke.

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