March 2, 2008

Battle of Adwa:St. George Day Victory

On March 1st 1896 a major battle took place in Adwa between an all-Ethiopian army headed by Emperor Menelik the second and an Italian colonial army commanded by General Oreste Baratieri. It ended with a decisive Ethiopian victory. Glory to God of St. George!!!! The Ethiopians took St. george's Tabot and God granted them all victories.

"The confrontation between Italy and Ethiopia at Adwa was a fundamental turning point in Ethiopian history," writes Henze, who compares this victory to Japan's naval victory over Russia at Tsushima. "Though apparent to very few historians at the time, these defeats were the beginning of the decline of Europe as the center of world politics."[24]

On a similar note, the Ethiopian historian Bahru Zewde observed that "few events in the modern period have brought Ethiopia to the attention of the world as has the victory at Adwa;" however, Bahru Zewde puts his emphasis on other elements of this triumph: "The racial dimension was what lent Adwa particular significance. It was a victory of blacks over whites. Adwa thus anticipated by almost a decade the equally shattering experience to the whites of the Japanese victory over Russia in 1905."[25]

This defeat of a colonial power and the ensuing recognition of African sovereignty became rallying points for later African nationalists during their struggle for decolonization, as well as activists and leaders of the Pan-African movement.[26] As the Afrocentric scholar Molefe Asante explains, "After the victory over Italy in 1896, Ethiopia acquired a special importance in the eyes of Africans as the only surviving African State. After Adowa, Ethiopia became emblematic of African valour and resistance, the bastion of prestige and hope to thousands of Africans who were experiencing the full shock of European conquest and were beginnng to search for an answer to the myth of African inferiority."[27]
Why was Adwa Successful?

God of Our Fathers, give us this day victories over hate, poverty, selfishness, sin.
Cher Were Yaseman. amen.

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Anonymous said...

I read this article few days ago .Adwa has such a special place in the history of Christian Ethiopia .This is a fact which is not witnessed by Ethiopian but non Ethiopians (Italians).
They witnessed him in galloping in his white horse on the grounds of Adwa. Sometimes it is beyond our imagination especially for us living in this chaotic time. Ethiopian soldiers, highest and kings prayed in front of God for victory .God sends his saints for help. The win in Adwa says Ethiopia is a land of God, it says Ethiopia victory is through the belief that is Orthodox Christianity. Standing on today and we see that dissension in views of church fathers might intend us to forget how thy hears are open to our prayers, how close God is to the Tewahedo church .Our fathers has given us a prayer discipline to pray for the poor ,those in sickness, the holy, the clergy ,the faithful, the weak ,our country and the soldiers. The soldiers that St. George will help as he did ,the soldiers that protects the country so why don’t we hear that prayer any more ? especially those of us a broad. ‘Ekeb hizba weserawita lehageriten Ethiopia’

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