January 18, 2008

Talking Truth to the Muslim World (priest's message rocks Muslim world)

Father Zakaria Boutros

Father Zakaria Boutros looks like a mild-mannered, unassuming priest. But his message is rocking much of the Muslim world.

His television program called 'Truth Talk' is broadcast daily into the Middle East over the Al-Hiyat satellite channel. On it, he challenges Muslims to examine what he says are inconsistencies in Islamic doctrine – inconsistencies that he says Muslim leaders don't want exposed and ordinary Muslims are told never to question.

“Islam cannot stand in front of intellectual questions and no one can understand because of contradictions in Koran, contradictions in Hadith, contradictions and false doctrines. So they don't want anybody to ask and to learn. 'This is Islam, you have to accept it as it is' lest you should be killed,” Zakaria said.

Father Zakaria doesn't stop at challenging the teachings of Islam. He also questions the Prophet Mohammed himself, who Zakaria says had his mind set on wordly pursuits.

“He said that his concerns are three things: women, perfume, and food,” he said. “Where is the kingdom of God? Where is the glory of God? Where is the salvation? Where is love? Where is the mission of a true Prophet of God?”

Father Zakaria's broadcasts have generated intense anger in the Muslim world and there's a $60 million bounty on his head. But he makes no excuses for his confrontational style.

He says the provocative statements are designed to challenge Muslims to examine their faith.

“This is my way: short, sharp, shock for the unconscious,” Zakaria said

That was the case with James, an Egyptian who began watching Truth Talk late at night while the rest of his family slept.

"When I first saw the show, I was angry at him. I wanted revenge," he said.

He began studying the Koran and the Bible to refute father Zakaria's claims, and in the process learned more about Christianity and Islam.

"I started to think about things I had never thought of before. My understanding changed and things became clear," James said.

James came to faith in Jesus Christ watching Father Zakaria. His wife soon followed.

"I realized Islam was a fake religion, Mary said. “When I learned the truth, I removed my veil. I felt freedom. I had been released. "Life is not about religion it's about a relationship between us and Christ. Christ is life."

Father Zakaria says the Muslim world is full of people like James and Mary.

Thousands of people visit his Internet chat room on 'Pal Talk' every month.

They come to challenge Father Zakaria's teaching and end up learning more about Jesus Christ

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