January 27, 2008

Meles acknowledges Islamofascism in Ethiopia

Friday January 25, 2008

Guardian Unlimited

Ethiopia's prime minister, Meles Zenawi, tells Simon Tisdall in a rare interview that Qatar and other un-named Arab Sunni Muslim states were financing Eritrea's covert operations against Orthodox Christian Ethiopia.
He suggested Eritrea was intent on radicalizing Ethiopia's Muslims, particularly in the eastern Somali regional state where a low-level insurgency has been underway for the past two years.
It may also have helped establish jihadist "cells" inside Kenya, he said, but once again the international community was paying insufficient attention.

The Ethiopian premier has acknowledged the rise of Islamic fanaticism in Ethiopia. He has very rightly mentioned Qatar. He pinpointed at the flies ignoring the Elephant, in funding Ethiopian Islamofascism. The Elephant we all know is Saudi Arabia.

The Saudis are funding Wahhabi extremism in Ethiopia, with the help of corrupt government officials like the once popular Ali Abdo.
We have no proof of what the involvement of the Saudi-Ethiopian tycoon Al-Amudi.


Anonymous said...

"We have no proof of what the involvement of the Saudi-Ethiopian tycoon Al-Amoudi. "
It is very true since that is exactly what we are expected to think or are made to think. The Sheikh "invests" billions in the country (60pc of the over economy), people get employment, has full control over entertainment , sport and health.But where does the money come from or where does it go?
What is his affiliation with Saudi besides being citizen (an Arab) with wealth nobody knows where he got it from. Think of this...
1. " Sheik Al- Amoudi's owns subsidiaries account for the majority of Saudi- Owned foreign investments” and many home grown companies.
2. Builds a mosque besides the Biggest Hotel in the country where big guest from all over the world reside while in their stay. Isn’t that some thing that will create an Islamic image of the country for the world?
3. He has bought the countries gold mine from the government for 172 million ( a country wealth for a couple of million).
4. Has dominated the stupidly humble Ethiopian people by involving in sport, food market abd employment.
5. He has bought NTO (National Tour Operation and Travel Agency Enterprise).The one and only. How do you see that? With the recent question that was presented to PM Meles Zenawi on having Islamic historical institutes. God forbid he will have the authority to shut down any Christian based historical places.
6. What is he going to buy next ……….?
a. Ethiopian Airlines
b. Telecommunication
c. The road (already in process)
Many more

A Single man with such an influence on the country’s economy , a single man whose history is hardly known, a single man with a Saudi wealth back bone, a single man with a well known economical influence in European and African countries who are actually targeted by Radicals for forcing and influencing Muslim-convert. And a lot more

I leave the rest for you to connect the dots.

YeIsrael Amlak Hezibehen tebeke

Anonymous said...

Where is the evidence that Alamoudi is involved?

Anonymous said...

The question is ambigious.
One must morally blind to be unaware of what is going on.
And time will reveal the truth and soon.All the bits and pieces will lead to one trail .Ethiopians should keep themselves alert on the matter.
Ye Esrael Amlak Ethiopiane yetebeke

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