January 15, 2008

Ashura of the millennium to be celebrated on Nejashi Mosque????????

Dear Readers, This is one of the funniest historical fallacies fuelled by the pro-Islam Ethiopian government. The issue of a "converted Islam" Axum king has been time and again protested by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and Its Holy Synod. As usual, the government ignored the protest. Look how we are being Islamized with the help of global fanatic Islam in general the Wahhabi terrorists in particular.

When the fanatics, http://ethiopiajustice.blogspot.com/, read these comments, they say we are ignorant of history, we are intolerant to Islam etc. They use the same kind of techniques to shut their critics mouth. That is what they are doing even in USA. They call people racist, if he or she opposes their militancy. Now they are doing it in and to Ethiopia. We will not back off.
Cher Were Yaseman!!! Amen

Addis Ababa, January 9, 2008 (Ethiopian News Agency, Addis Ababa) - Preparations have been underway to introduce and promote the “Nejashi Mosque”, one of the historical relics of Ethiopia in Tigray region, to the rest of the world, the Asehama Nejashi Culture and Education Center said.

It also said preparations have been finalized to celebrate the “Ashura” of the Millennium, a holyday of Muslims coming a month after Id Al Aldaha, on 18 Jan. 2007 on the premise of the mosque.

Center Director General, Mohamed Ahmed told ENA that the mosque is named after an Ethiopia king who welcomed Muslim refugees some 1,400 years ago.

Mohamed said the mosque, which is taken as a symbol of religious co-existence, is becoming one of the tourist attractions worldwide.

The deed of the king enabled Prophet Mohamed, who is the icon of Muslim history, to substantiate that Ethiopia is a country of brotherhood and sympathy, he said.

The king was also known to fight against corruption, which is the evil of the current heads of state and government worldwide.

The government of Ethiopia is striving to register the mosque as one of the world historical heritages, he said.

The center, established in 1990 E.C, has already received 110, 000 Sq. meters of land to build research and other facilities.

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Anonymous said...

"Pro - Islam government”. This is the title for an article I read .It is an amazing title and the facts that are put out seem true for those who does not see or realize what the writer is trying to prove.
So I have written the following to editor
Yedrese Le EthiopianJustice editor
I am sure deep in your heart you know what you are saying is not true there has never ever been a king called Negashi and I know you know that negashi mean "King" it is not a name. This is all fiction that you want to believe or the globalization of Islam are influencing you to believe and about the 70% population please look at the recent statistics it exactly the vice versa. It completely understandable if you are saying this for one region alone like ogaden but for the over all country that is so untrue. Sometimes when you talk of a lie again and again it sounds true. I have also seen that you wanted to imply that the government is influenced by the EOTC on decision making and the church has more rights but a recent incident at the Meskel square at the eve of Gena is one. The church has spent 100K for the program but it was cancelled at the last point where as the Muslim holiday are celebrated as many time as wanted at the AA stadium how about that for a right? You have mentioned repeatedly that Ethiopia is no more a Christian country but a country of equality and peace and love I will agree on that because those are all the signs of Christianity (love, peace and hospitality). It is this hospitality that led to this. Christianity is in blood of all of us even you. We are the people of peace and love. We are a Christian nation. The EOTC has been tortured for decades by the Islamic world that is a fact that whole world knows but did that convert the country into an Islamic nation NO instead we were more in number and we will be more in number .What you are trying to do is not new. It is in every part of the world that Muslims want to sound abused, discriminated but if you think of it you are the once who have the right to break any dress code because your religion requires you to were different, you are the once who have the right to prosecute the person for tearing a Quran, you are the once who has the right to scold Jesus but if some one speaks of Mohammad you hit the roof. This is what you want the whole world to believe, trust me my friend you can NEVER kill the truth. Some time try to use an Ethiopian instinct (fairness and just) and see beyond the Islamic globe. Let us not put thing that are not useful to us let us live in peace as we did. You are an Ethiopian and Islam is a guest and will be for ever in Ethiopia. But after all the bad thing about Christianity is that it can’t force you to be a Christian except love you dearly .You are always welcome at my home my friend.

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