December 9, 2007

Radio To Ethiopia: RADIO TEWAHEDO!!!

With the will of God a new radio station has started broadcasting to Ethiopia from USA. According to the announcement, the radio will broadcast every Monday from 10-11pm local time or (kemeshetu 4-5).

I thank God for that. Let God give these brothers and sisters strength and wisdom to proclaim the word of Tewahedo.

Cher Were Yaseman, amen


Anonymous said...

A church radio in these day and age? This is another pest feeding on people's tender heart. I have never seen an institution that produce nothing to a society and yet expand its geographical presence! It is good to be a friend of god, uh!

Anonymous said...

To the previous comment...
What do you mean by this comment? Pest, institution, friend of God...etc.Can you make it clearer please?

By the way, Can you spell God with a capital 'G' next time?

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, its not the time to hide, if you are against something, dont be ashamed to reveal your identity, and be clear on what your are stating. I am guessing you are ashamed of your comments, or don't really believe in it. I will not hold it against you, we all hold dark ideas at points in our lives. But now is not the time to be wishy washy, or leb leb, if you know what I mean. Do what you do, be proud of it, but dont waste your time trying to put others down, ESPECIALLY, the Holy Church. As the saying goes, "if you dont have something good to say, dont say it."

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