November 14, 2007

"The EOTC Holy Synod held its 24th session"

The "legitimate Holy Synod" of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo church in exile lead by his Holiness Abune Merkorios, Patriarch of The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewhahedo Church, successfully completed the Holy Synod's 24th session in Columbus, OHIO on November 10, 2007. It was the first conference held in the new Ethiopian Millennium.

Mother Church is in a desperate situation these days. One of the problems is the schism amongst fathers. We know the administration led by Abune Paulos is the most
2. embarrassing of all times. But that will never ... the legality of an exiled "synod". Two negatives will never result One positive. Please try to find the right solution.
Stop your anti-Orthodox tradition "synod". Try to reconcile with each other. Do not help the Abune Paulos group to further manipulate your mistakes.
1. ‹‹የጎንደር ምንቸት ውጣ … የትግሬ ምንቸት ግባ›› <<ዘመነ መሳፍንት>> በቤተ ክህነት
2. የምናካሒደው ጸረ ዘረኝነት ትግል በጎጠኞች አጀንዳ እንዳይጠለፍ

Cher Were Yaseman,
Deje Selam

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