September 25, 2007

Farewell To Bishop Qewstos

His Grace bishop Qewstos has left for Ethiopia today Monday 24, 2007. He will participate in the upcoming holy synod meeting and he will be expected to come back to his new diocese in Washington DC. However, as experience tells us, the patriarch might not leave him to return to USA.
His grace has touched many hearts with his religious and tearful teachings and holy life. Many people, especially those not closely related to the Church life have not understood him, aligning him to the patriarch in Addis. Deje Selam appreciates their concern, but it is not a tangible concern.
His Grace Bishop Qewstos is an exemplary father by any standard, and who does not fear to express his ideals whenever the need arises. His recent book written about the fellow bishop martyr His Grace Abune Petros can be an exemplary evidence in this regard. We need his grace back in USA and continue his much needed ministry.
አባታችን በጸሎትዎ አይርሱን፣ አሜን፡፡
ቸር ወሬ ያሰማን

The following message is posted by Deje Selam reader:

For those of us who wish to have been born at the time of a Christian King (Atse Kaleb or Kidus Lalibela) who prayed at night and ruled by day. For those of us who wish to have been born at the time when St.Giorgis helped the soldiers in their battle, to be part of the excitement and say "Kidus Giorgis be Nich Ferese be mekakelachew taye".For those of us who wish to have been born at the time to say our father Abune Petros died for his people and country.For those of us who did not get the chance to feel our hearts burn with the inspiring teachings of Abune Gorgorios.This was a blessing to see a father who is gifted with tears of Love, spirit of peace and wisdom and strength.
Enquane Ayenae Yehanene Aye
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