September 13, 2007

Eritrean Orthodox Church Celebrate New Year

1. The News
The 4th Patriarch of the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahdo Church, Abune Dioskoros, gave a blessing to people in Eritrea for the New Year. Both Ethiopia and Eritrea are known to follow the Geez New Year.

The international community has been condemning the Eritrean government for deposing and arresting Abune Antonios, who is widely believed to be the real Patriarch of the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahdo Church. Despite such issues, this has been a common trend in the horn of Africa since many Ethiopian governments have also been known for removing Patriarchs for political reasons.

State sponsored persecution of church members have tremendously reduced in the region the last two decades. However, the Eritrean government has recently been criticized for allegedly torturing and killing Evangelical Christians in Eritrea. Accoding to Voice of the Martyrs, another Christian in Eritrea, Nigisti Haile, was allegedly tortured to death by the Eritrean authorities this week. Patriarch Dioskoros prayed for the faithful inside the country as well as for the Eritrean Defense Forces.

2. My Impression
I am not sure why I feel puzzeled to see year 2000 being celebrated in Eritrea. That means, atleast the Church is still in its good old tradition. I came across the term <Geez Newyear>, to mean the Ethiopian calendar. Wow!!!
Cher Were Yaseman,

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