August 28, 2007

Kenenisa/ Sileshi in Osaka: Symbol of Endurance-a killer sprinter

Kenenisa Bekele dropped off the pace a couple of times during the last two laps of the 10,000 metres, and it looked as if lost his bid for the world title. But it wasn’t to be. Bekele was only kidding. He made up the gap which had been forged before the bell by the little known Kenyan, Martin Irunqu Mathathi, then tracked Sihine past the 200 metres line before launching a killer sprint to another distant victory in a rapid (for the conditions) time of 27:05.90, a season’s best for the World record holder. Our great tracking King Sileshi made it a one-two for Ethiopia, in 27:09.03, and Mathathi was third in 27:12.17.
Beye Gizew Endih Ayenetun Cher Were Yaseman. Amen

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