August 31, 2007

Split in EOTC in Jamaican Resolved in Court

The 1992 split in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Jamaica has finally been resolved by the Supreme Court.

Mr. Justice Donald McIntosh has ordered the followers of the late Archbishop Abuna Yesehaq, who were running the church over the last 15 years, to hand over control to the duly appointed board of trustees.
Detail Read Here.

August 28, 2007

Kenenisa/ Sileshi in Osaka: Symbol of Endurance-a killer sprinter

Kenenisa Bekele dropped off the pace a couple of times during the last two laps of the 10,000 metres, and it looked as if lost his bid for the world title. But it wasn’t to be. Bekele was only kidding. He made up the gap which had been forged before the bell by the little known Kenyan, Martin Irunqu Mathathi, then tracked Sihine past the 200 metres line before launching a killer sprint to another distant victory in a rapid (for the conditions) time of 27:05.90, a season’s best for the World record holder. Our great tracking King Sileshi made it a one-two for Ethiopia, in 27:09.03, and Mathathi was third in 27:12.17.
Beye Gizew Endih Ayenetun Cher Were Yaseman. Amen

Poem To Aleka Ayalew Tamiru

Aleka Ayalew Tamiru, Renowned Theologian, Leading Peace Advocate, Passed Away last week. He was a prominent scholar and leading EOTC theologian for not less than 40 years. Here is a poem dedicate to him by Insermu Seifegabriel.
Cher Were Yaseman

August 24, 2007

Aleka Ayalew Tamiru, Renowned Theologian, Leading Peace Advocate, Passed Away

Aleka Ayalew Tamiru, Renowned Theologian, Leading Peace Advocate, Passed Away. He was a prominent scholar and leading EOTC theologian for not less than 40 years. Aleka has fallen apart with the 5th patriarch Paulos due to doctrinal issues, and the patriarch, in turn, stripped Aleka off his position, job and even salaries. He passed the last decade in his one meter by one meter Tselot Bet, reserving himself to writing and prayers. The death of Aleka is a great loss to the 200 years old Church. It is a shame the EOTC administration, once again, doomed its own precious asset and knowledgeable person of his time to seclusion and later death.

Yeqer Yebelen!!! Yeqer Yebelachew!!

August 21, 2007

Patriarch Paulos Got a New Homepage (Site):

It has always puzzled me why an Institution as old as the
Ethiopian Bete Kehenet can not have a simple web page, which here, every teenager and small parish cherishes. It is always hard even to get telephone and postal addresses of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Bete kehenet. And now they have got a well designed, unfortunately not fully loaded (content wise) website. It is a good start. I wish the designers and editors of the site will update it as regularly as possible. As it is common with the newspaper (Zena Betekrestiyan) and other publications, please do not make it only about and to Abba Paulos. Tell us about the day-to-day activities of the Church. Teach us about our faith. Tell us about social and religious developments. Do not make it another venue of cyber war with your fellow Menekosat here in diaspora.
Cher were Yaseman

Deje Selam

August 17, 2007

Abba Paulos: Smash the idols

"We were Christian [charitable and monotheistic] for over a thousand years before Christ," Abba Paulos, Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, declared nonplused. "We have been Christian since Queen Makeda [the biblical Sheba] visited King Solomon in Jerusalem to partake of his wisdom and returned to Ethiopia with the Ark of the Covenant -- containing the actual stone tablets of the Ten Commandments God gave Moses," he explained.

This is an article by Gamal Nkrumah and posted on Al-Ahram.
Melkam Nebab.

August 10, 2007

Promoting jihad, Targeting Free Speech: How Christian West Surrenders to Islam Part II

Dear Deje Selamoch,
This is an article by Diana West of The Washington Times excerpted to fit Deje Selam. It is another example how Islamist Jihadists and their Allies are undermining even what the West is doing. If they are influential here in Europe and North America, what do we expect them to do back home in Ethiopia. To read the whole article, click on the Title page.
Here some examples:
On or about July 30, Cambridge University Press surrendered to a libel suit brought in British court by Khalid bin Mahfouz over the 2006 book, "Alms for Jihad," which identifies the Saudi billionaire as a supporter of AL Qaeda. The publisher apologized for allegations documented by the authors, paid damages and promised to destroy all unsold copies of the book, and to request libraries and universities, even in the United States, to destroy their copies.
On Aug. 1, Chauncey Bailey, editor of the Oakland Press, was murdered. Mr. Bailey had been investigating what sounds like a black Muslim crime family operating out of Your Black Muslim Bakery, and its connections to crime in the Oakland area, where, not incidentally, Muslims associated with the bakery have used violence against liquor stores, a la Taliban, to enforce aspects of Islamic law. A 19-year-old Muslim bakery employee has confessed to the crime.
Also on Aug. 1, the Web site, Radar, recounted a familiar tale of Hollywood woe — a screenplay project terminated by a producer before completion. But this one had a post-September 11 twist. The screenwriter, Jason Ressler, maintains that his screenplay, "Dove Hunting," a thriller with a Saudi prince for a villain, was terminated after the producer he was working with, Mark "March of the Penguins" Gill, received a massive infusion of cash from backers including, well, a Saudi prince: Sheikh Walid al-Ibrahim, an owner of al-Arabiya network and a brother-in-law of the late King Fahd. Mr. Gill denies politics affected his decision.
On Aug. 2, the Young America's Foundation was threatened with legal action by lawyers for the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) if the conservative student group didn't cancel a scheduled talk on CAIR by best-selling author and Islamic expert Robert Spencer. To be sure, neither the redoubtable Mr. Spencer nor the student group buckled under CAIR's bullying, and, to date, CAIR's threats have not materialized. Indeed, both Mr. Spencer's resolve and Young America's Foundation response — "CAIR can go to hell and take their 72 virgins with them" — are an inspiration.
There's even a bright spot in the Cambridge disgrace. The two American authors of "Alms for Jihad," J. Millard Burr and Robert O. Collins, were not sued; just the British publisher. For this protection, we can probably thank courageous Rachel Ehrenfeld, terror expert and author of the 2003 book, "Funding Evil." When Miss Ehrenfeld was sued in 2004 by the same litigious Saudi billionaire in British court (he has brought or threatened suit 36 times on similar grounds), she refused to accept the premise that a British court should have jurisdiction over an American writer's American-published book. She took legal action in U.S. courts, where, to date, her case is finding protection for American writers from British law.
We can take heart from such victories. But these individual acts of courage will only amount to gallant sacrifices if they aren't upheld as victories over a jihadist effort to shut the rest of us up to curb everybody's freedom to name the Muslim billionaires behind global jihad, to investigate the thuggery of an Islamic city gang, to create thrillers about Saudi terror-princes, to speak out about CAIR's jihadist links and more.
In other words, these are the new dots that urgently need connecting. And what connects them all, from street violence to legal intimidation, is the chilling effect they each bring to bear on the free and unfettered investigation, analysis and assessment of Islam and jihad.

"Pilgrimage of Hope" - a signpost for mutual understanding

. Ethiopian group’s overland journey to Addis Abeba to celebrate millennium

Nineteen expatriate Ethiopians of different religious faiths have set out in a small fleet of cars from the Hague, Holland, on a special pilgrimage - the "Amen Ethiopia Pilgrimage of Hope“. To read the whole article, please click HERE.

Their final destination is the Ethiopian capital, Addis Abeba. The group of predominantly young people is hoping to reach the Ethiopian capital by the 12th of September at the latest, so that they can celebrate New Year's Day there - since according to the Ethiopian calendar this day is January 1 of the Year 2000.
Their 40-day journey will take them through Europe, Asia and Africa. The Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) helped fund one of the vehicles.
The members of the group are hoping by means of their journey to express their solidarity with their mother country and at the same time to appeal for a nationwide reflection on how to bring about a better society in Ethiopia. The Pilgrimage of Hope aims to bear witness to the riches of diversity in the country and call for spiritual unity in the new millennium.
One of the pilgrims, Samra, a Catholic from Texas, USA, hopes the journey will bring about a new awareness of the need for peace. "In this group of young people I have an opportunity to gain an insight into the different religious perspectives", she told ACN, adding that she feels she can learn a great deal from those of other religions or denominations.
As for Jonas, who is Orthodox and lives in the Netherlands, the central issue is peace. "We want people in Ethiopia to come together in the third millennium", he says. Jonas is not looking for a grand New Year's festival. Instead he sees this day as the starting date for changes in Ethiopia. "People there must reflect more on their own problems and strive together to find solutions for the country", he adds, adding that this is also the task of the different religious communions and ethnic groups.
Prince Asfa-Wossen Asserate, a great-nephew of the last Ethiopian Emperor, Haile Selassie, told ACN that he sees the Pilgrimage of Hope as a signpost for the future. He hopes it will contribute to a new spirit of peace in Ethiopia. He also wants the pilgrimage to "reinforce the enormous presence of ecumenism between the Catholic Church and the Ethiopian Orthodox Church". The Prince is hoping the approaching millennium celebrations will mark a milestone of understanding among the numerous different ethnic groups who live side by side in Ethiopia. The 58-year-old management consultant added, "My wish is that the new millennium can be an era in which the three Abrahamic religions can live side by side as brothers and sisters."
Two priests serving the Ethiopian faithful in the Netherlands, Abba Tesfamariam L. Mersha, who Is Ethiopian Orthodox and Abba Petros S. Berga, who is Catholic, will be accompanying the Pilgrimage of Hope. Both men believe that this religiously mixed group of pilgrims can bear special witness to the idea of unity in diversity. The discussions and contacts made during the pilgrimage can, they believe, contribute to overcoming the problems which exist in their home country. They are hoping above all for reconciliation, dialogue and mutual respect.
After their arrival in Addis Abeba, the vehicle funded by ACN will be given to the Theological College of the Holy Trinity in order to serve the only theological institution of the Orthodox Church in Ethiopia. ACN over the years has supported a number of ecumenical projects for the Orthodox Church.

August 7, 2007


There is no woman about whom the prophets prophesied, and about whom the Holy Bible cared, like the Virgin Mary.......There are numerous symbols about her in the Old Testament. In the New Testament also, there are her biography, her praise, and the miracles. How many are the glorifying expressions and the contemplations, which were cited about the Virgin in the books of the fathers.........How full of praise are the surnames by which the Church calls her, and which are inspired from the Spirit of the Holy Bible.......! She is the mother of all of us, the lady of all of us, the pride of our kind, the queen at the right side of the King, the Virgin with Perpetual virginity, the pure, the filled with grace, the saint Mary, the powerful and helpful compassionate mother, the mother of the Light, the mother of mercy and salvation, the true vine.
This is the one whom the Church elevates over the rank of archangels, so that we say about her in her hymns and songs: O Mary, you have been raised above the cherubims, and have become higher than the seraphims, O Mary.
Mary who was bred up in the temple, and lived the life of prayer and contemplation since her childhood, and who was the sacred vessel whom the Lord has chosen to come inside her. Long generations waited for the birth of this Virgin, so that the
fullness of the time would become complete by her (Gal.4:4)........... She has removed the shame of Eva, and saved the reputation of women after sin.
She is the mother of God, in perpetual virginity. She is the Virgin who came to our country during the childhood of Christ, and inhabited our land for years, during which she sanctified it, and blessed it......... She is the Virgin who appeared in Zeitoun 32 years ago, and attracted to her the feelings of the crouds, with her light, her appearance, and her visit to us......... She is the Virgin who makes miracles in numerous places, where we celebrate feasts for he. The stories of her miracles are innumerable..... The Virgin is not a stranger to us; because she is profoundly assimilated with the feelings of Copts that come out from faith to special experience and emotion. How great an honor is it for our country and our
Church, to be visited in past times by our Lady the Virgin! How great an honor is it that our Lady appeared on her domes many years ago! There is not a human being whom christians have loved so much as our Lady the Virgin Mary.

Seali Lene Qidist!!

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