July 30, 2007

Is the Christian West Serving Christianity or Islam?

I am always puzzled why wastern Christian governments are working against their faith and facilitate, one way or the other, the Dechristianization of different parts of the world. The predominantly Christian Europe is very much tolerant of devil worshipers, Muslims, atheists etc whereas, Christian values are looked down upon. A Swed preacher was once taken to court for opposing homosexuality. Islam on the other hand is publicly brainwashing youngsters in schools, even in the heart of Europe-Germany, teaching them killing infidels is the right thing to do, holy. Rouged governments like Iran school curriculum openly sites the elimination of Israel and infidel Christians. It is no different in the case of other Arab countries. Saudi Arabia, the best US partner and exporter of Wahhabi fanatic Islam, such as to Ethiopia, is itself the core of world terrorist factory. The same is true with Christianity in Iraq. A christian country is controlling the country, but never seen in their long history, Iraqi christians are fast vanishing by terrorist Islam. Read this commentary from The Washington Times entitled "End of Iraq's Christian Community?"

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Anonymous said...

Dear Editor,

Washington(US)is having difficulty looking at the bigger picture which what ever they are doing is something that paves the way domination of the Muslim in every aspect in the whole world .It seem as the peace keeping mission is actually a war between the US and the Islam nation but yet when it comes to Chirstianity the right are restricted becuase most laws and people ethic favours the muslims becuase they alway would present themselves as abused .If you have sent he american embassy website(Addis Ababa) you could see that most of the press release and activities are focused on the muslime society and event he website is influencially shows an islamic image

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