June 5, 2007

40 years after the Arab-Israel war, personal recollection

By prof. A. K
In 1967 today began the six day war between Israel on one side and Arab states (Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia). The entire Arab world rose up against a tiny 19 year old nation of 2 million people. The news in Ethiopia, under Haile Selassie, was devastating. My father was telling us the daily rumors during the evening, some of the interesting things that were said by the Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasir. He said that if all the Arabs go to Golan Heights and pee, Israel will be flooded and the people washed into the sea. An other one was, the defeat of Israel was so inevitable that Nasir order all Muslims of the world to wear their white round cap every day of the war. This rumor was a bad one because at that time when we say any of our neighbors, who happen to be Muslims, wear the cap at that time, we concluded that the cap was sent to them by Nasir in person. Many people of christian explained the defeat of the Arab armies as the act of God. They said even the great books refer the christian God as the God of Israel, Ye-Israel Amlak. That Israel won fulfilling the power of God himself. This is my recollection of the the 1967 six day war.It was forty years ago... Oh God I am really old.... It will be hard for Ye-Israel Amlak to make me younger, even for a nanosecond.. .

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