June 19, 2007

Islam Trying to Manipulate the Ethiopian Political Situation, Meles Requested "To Enroll Ethiopia In Organization of Islamic Countries OIC"

Unlike the Ethiopian Church and Christians themselves, the Ethiopian Islamic circle is trying to manipulate the current political status quo for their benefit. A nine member delegation of Ethiopian Muslims in Diaspora has visited Addis, the premier and submitted a document alleging they are facing multitudes of problems. The Ethiopian Church and Christians in general are very innocently indifferent what Islam in general and the fanatic Wahabists in partiular are doing in Ethiopia. It is mandatory for all Church officials and Christians in general to see the document in detail. God willing, we will be back with comments, views and articles about "Political Islam" in Ethiopia.

Ofcourse everybody remembers what has recently happened in Jimma and Illu-abba-borra.
The recent massacre of Christians in Jimma and Illu-Abba-Bora is reported in Amharic here. Unfortunately, both the government and patriarch Paulos are covering up the reasons behind the atrocity. Please read the basic news (news 1, news 2, articles (articles 1, articles 2), watch the video and tune to Deje-Selam for follow up stories.
Cher Were Yaseman
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