June 8, 2007

Hall of Shame,” International Christian Concern

International Christian Concern has published its first ever “Hall of Shame,” an annual list of the ten nations with the worst records of persecution against Christians. The 2007 edition includes
Number 3: Ethiopia
Ethiopia is the second oldest Christian nation in the world, having the gospel brought to it during the first century by Queen Candace’s eunuch (Acts 8:26-39). Islamists view Ethiopia as the key to controlling Africa. In the past decade they have increased their efforts to dominate the nation. At least twenty new Jihad training centers have been built, though they are disguised as humanitarian service centers, schools, and orphanages. The centers are even active in the northern city of Gonder, which is almost exclusively Christian. Violence against Christians has increased exponentially, particularly in southern and southwestern Ethiopia. During September of last year, Muslims approached Christian households in Jimma to force residents to convert to Islam. At least a dozen people were killed. 850 homes were burned, displacing 2,000 Christians. In Beshasha, located in the same region, a mob attacked a Christian worship service. The church building was burned and six Christians were murdered.

In Addis Ababa, the capital, where the population is 80% Christian and 17% Muslim, the ratio of churches to mosques is 120 to 150. Mosques are being built in front of churches to hide them from view. Islamists want to eradicate the idea that Ethiopia is a Christian nation by crippling the Christian leadership in local and central governments and by bringing Ethiopia into the Arab League.

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