June 13, 2007

EOTC to Transplant Over 16 Million Indigenous Tree Seedlings

Ethiopian Herald (Addis Ababa)
12 June 2007
Posted to the web 12 June 2007
Addis Ababa
The Ethiopian Orthodox Church (EOC) said that it has finalized preparations to transplant over 16 million seedlings of indigenous trees under the "Two Trees for 2000 Project".

Speaking at an awareness raising workshop jointly organized by the Sunday Schools Coordination Department of the Church and Ethiopian Heritage Trust over the weekend, Department Head Father Sereke Berhan Wolde-Samuel said the church has prepared over 16 million seedlings of indigenous trees to be transplanted through its 44 archdiocese.
The transplantations will be carried out around churches and sites prepared by the government, Father Sereke said, adding that some 10 million laity would take part in the transplantation.

He further said that in addition to its environmental development programmes, the department has prepared a five-year programme for poverty alleviation and health.

President of the Ethiopian Heritage Trust, Professor Legesse Negash, expressed gratitude for the efforts of the church to conserve various heritages and indigenous trees and its initiation to participate in the aforestation activities.

The Two Trees for 2000 Project designed by the government would play a significant contribution in covering the close to 97 per cent of the deforested land in the country, the president said.

Over 350 heads of Sunday schools drawn from all archdiocese attended the half-day workshop.
Similarly, the Wolaita Zone trade and industry department said preparations are underway at hotels and tourist attraction sites in connection with the Ethiopian Millennium.
Tourism, parks and hotels representative with the desk, Abera Milko told ENA that hotels, service provision enterprises and tourist attraction sites are finalizing preparations to receive their guests coming during the millennium festival.
Activities aimed at installing tourist facilities near caves, water falls, Tiya rocks, hot springs as well as other natural and man-made tourist attractions is being carried out.
Construction of a museum that would display cultural values of the Wolaita people is nearing completion, while training is being offered to tourist guide and food catering.
Meanwhile, an investor received plot of land for the construction of a four star hotel and resort centre along Lake Abaya, he added.
Harari State Agriculture and Rural Development Bureau said that it has started distributing over one million types of various seedlings for transplantation on the occasion of the new millennium.
Office Head Abdurkadir Adem yesterday WIC yesterday that the seedlings were multiplied in five nurseries in the state, including Harrar town.
He said over 440,000 of the seedlings are going to be transplanted until the end of this month in 40 selected sites while the transplantation of the remaining 560,000 would follow.
The seedlings prepared for transplantation include indigenous trees like cordia and juniper trees as well as fruits and vegetables that are compatible with the climate of the area and are important in ensuring food security, Abdurkadir said.
The majority of the seedlings to be transplanted this year are expected to take roots as there is sufficient rainfall, the head said, adding that the forest coverage of the state would improve remarkably if the transplantation of fruit and vegetable seedlings continues for the coming three years at same pace.
He said the bureau is making preparations to multiply large number of tree and fruit seedlings in the coming three years under a regular programme.

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