December 27, 2006

Statement Published by the Global Islamic Media Front Inciting Muslims to Participate in Jihad in Somalia

By SITE Institute
December 26, 2006
Inciting Muslims to participate in jihad in Somalia, writing of doing such as a religious obligation incumbent upon them, the Global Islamic Media Front published and distributed a document among jihadist forums yesterday, Monday, December 25, 2006, titled: “Ride the Horses of Allah: Not a Single One of You Should Pray During the Feast Day Except in Addis Ababa”. Arguing that the road of jihad has been opened to Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, the author uses a combination of Qur’anic verses, words from Abu Hamza al-Muhajir, cheerleading, and ridicule to motivate prospective Mujahideen to take up arms and travel to Somalia. The document states: “Come on you lion, get up roar and show the infidels the strength of the soldiers of the Merciful One. Come on my brother, aren’t you tired from sitting with the women? No, in the Name of Allah, even the women did not sit, but they got up and did jihad and terrorized the enemies, so where are you? What is your role?”

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