November 27, 2006

Jihadists in Gondar! – Symptom of the Global Syndrome?

The following is an article copied from adebabay blog. I think it will be another eye opening information for those who solely attribute each and every masacre to the EPRDF government. Is there really an Islamic threat bloosoming in Ethiopia or is it a Christian fanatic hatred towards our muslim brothers and sisters?
Take a look at the article.
Cher Weere Yaseman, Amen.

Jihadists in Gondar! – Symptom of the Global Syndrome?

· Investigation paralyzed

Many Ethiopians regardless of their religion and locality, I believe, couldn’t possibly have the right picture of recent religious clashes in their motherland. Why? Simply because it is beyond their experience or due to critical lack of information about the dynamics of different religious groups. Reasonably their first hand experience does not warrant any different picture other than sporadic and personal conflicts among followers of different religions particularly between Christians and Muslims. Yet, either they recognize it or not a new pattern of clash is emerging or has already emerged.

Religion ‘related’ clashes reported in the last ten years have their own patterns and features. The clashes are more organized and in most cases incited in some way to bring the other party into confrontation. According to my source that have been digging similar cases for long, some ‘organized’ Muslim groups lead this new trend by far than their own Muslim compatriots and Christians. While many Ethiopians are giving a lip service for the terrorist attacks reported in Somalia, Palestine and Israel, a similar breed was incubated in the middle of their parishes and mosques. If any of my readers couldn’t believe the new terrorist type brutality and organization reported in the news media, I invite them to watch a video film recorded immediately after the recent butchery (to use the right word) near Jimma town. By the way this film is on sale in Addis. You can get it with vendors; just ask politely.

Jihadists with Machetes in Gondar?

The story of the Gondar Jihadists is one among many. Thanks to my five reliable sources, one of them a Muslim, the Gondar town story is a telling one. A tension between some Muslim groups and Christians escalated when Muslims claim to take two historical holly-water places of the Orthodox Church and that couldn’t be resolved by all respective local government bodies. While the issue was waiting a miracle to solve, police received one unimaginable leak of information by mid June 2006. The leak claimed that one truck of machete entered the town with specific details (I don’t disclose the name of the driver and plate number to protect my sources.) The machetes distributed immediately to unknown destinations. However the police find out the driver and the truck after three days.

The police then began to assess the whereabouts of the machetes and search even few mosques and houses. It was not in vain; they found more than 130 machetes in two mosques and another 150 in three resident houses. Where are the remaining machetes? NOBODY KNOWS! This led the police to a more complicated investigation of the crime. The result being dreadful; a “Jihad Committee” organized underground. This committee deposited 70 million Birr only in one account. The investigation continued and police find a compound used as a military training center in Gondar town with the help of responsible Muslim compatriots. It is found that the Jihadists have merged three residential compounds into one bigger training center. Witnesses told the police that there were about 1000 trainees at one time in this center. Reportedly my sources confirmed that police have caught and investigate some of the trainees. Similar training centers discovered by Police in Dabat and Denbia districts. Unlike the Gondar town training center, these were operating as orphanages. 400 militant trainees caught red-handed in these compounds and investigated. However most of these trainees are released latter on and no one, including police, knows where they gone.

Police find very important leading evidences in these training centers which includes: fax machines, wireless telephones, camera, hand grenades, list of individuals to be assassinated (most of them leading scholars of the Orthodox Church in the area and their students, priests and deacons), list of jihad suicide volunteers and their relatives who would take the reward after their death etc. A Jihadist caught red-handed with a hand-grenade twice while trying to kill a leading scholar in Gondar town.

While the evidences are calling for further investigation, however, the process is delayed beyond once expectation, my source commented. The case before months transferred to federal police. According to recent reports many residents of Gondar town are demanding an official investigation and result of the case in the last few weeks.

The case of the Gondar Jihadists is only one part of a set. We don’t know what is happing in other remote areas of the country. There might be many similar movements everywhere. Who knows? The butchery witnessed and filmed recently further confirms once fear of similar jihadist connections.

What are the current issues in the relation between Muslims and Christians in Ethiopia? What is the way out? What can each of us contribute to be part of the solution, not the problem? Could there be ethnically and religiously divided Ethiopia? What is the current dynamics of these two flaming human factors in Ethiopia? A CALL FOR AN OPEN DIALOGUE BEFORE …!


bob said...

Dear Deje Selam,
Thanks for this informative information. It breaks my heart to read that a Town like Gondar where Muslims and Christians used to live as one is now on the verge of separation and segregation. I'm not here to accuse anyone, but I remember the days when say if a Muslim brother is marrying a lady, he will invite both Christians and Muslims, and they will have the meat (cow, sheep, etc..) killed according to their religions, celebrate the wedding together, share the happiness as one (mind you, that happened in other towns as well). That was the sort of love and togetherness they had. I think the government should bring the leaders of these religions together so the issue can be resolved peacefully before any more lives are lost. All this terrorist and Jihadist issues isn't welcome in the land where peace had been a serious concern for many years. I remember a history lesson where I was thought that the family of Prophet Mohamed seek refuge; for that, when Islam was spreading around the world with force, Ethio was exempt due to the kind work the country has done to the prophets' family.
What ever religion anyone follows, it has to respect people's lives as we are all created in the image of God. No one has the right to take anyone else's life as God/Allah/Jehovah/Egzihabhere is the one who has the power to give and take life.
Peace be with you all!

Anonymous said...

What a touching story I felt very sad that "emama ethiopia" became muslim? jihadis? kkkkk you men mentaly sick or just you are a blood thursty vampires. it's disgusting story. please come back to your senses and look what you are writing. You can not full anyone but yourself. idiot men

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